CP | Alchemy Cubes ❄ EDITION

C Price

 These sculptures are part of a series of ongoing work, started by the artist in 2011.  These blocks are as perfect of a cube as a hand can make (imperfect) and they offer you hand-holdable, shrine ready studies of the square.  The color palette is inspired by the colorful stages of transformation, as described by the alchemists – see “Magnum Opus

Each of the 4 color blocks have at least one secret surface treatment that we hope for you to discover on your own – otherwise they are pure, polished wood specimens.

WHITE: Hollywood – AKA unicorn wood – the whitest of all the woods
BLACK: Ebony – AKA piano key black, Samurai sword handle black, magic wand wood – the blackest of all the woods and highly endangered
YELLOW: Yellowheart wood aka Pau Amarello
RED: Redheart or Bloodwood aka Chakte Kok or Bloodwood
-or-PINK IVORY: Pink wood blows a mind – very special, rare like diamonds – from S.Africa – limited availability
*pricing subject to change on exotic wood

$ 100.00