C Price

C Price is a multidisciplinary artist. The work exposes the artists' endless fascination with a flat realness, manifest by metaphysical use of materials and color as subject, and 2D-3D shadow-casting dimensional shifts. The greater math and comedy can be found at the heart of many of her nameless and reverent forms.

C Price was born in 1977 outside Detroit Michigan.  In the 80's and 90's, she was a child motivated by science and the natural world and always held a paralleling sensitivity to man made spaces.  CP studied music and enjoyed a formal education supplemented by regular trips to Cranbrook Museum, the Detroit Science Center and the DIA (which had a great collection of Albers, Judd and other Mid Century Modernists), but environment and landscape experiences while cruising the endless woods, lakes and farms of Michigan, and later the Arizona higher deserts had the deepest impact. She spent a great deal of time in the boundaries between the rural wild and the city growing up, and notes that these middle zones between interiors and exteriors, the domestic and the wild - are a major key.  CP also recalls daily rituals that started around age 9 or 10, in her room of blue shag carpeting with the treasure chest of supplies, a color worshiper who enjoyed systems - making blind abstract drawings and rearranging paper cutouts.   Naming is an ongoing mind level concern, since her college thesis in painting in Portland Oregon, when theory took a greater role in the otherwise impulsive work. Her current process includes an ever growing population of color and shape studies and an ongoing use of photography to document and articulate the story of realness.