CP | Meaningful Square Blocks ❄ EDITION

C Price

Wood block squares by CP, part of the ongoing small-scale wood sculpture work started as a study in 2011.  These blocks are one group, of only a few of the geometric blocks that will made available for retail sale (and special order) as they are deemed “repeatable” by the artist.

These are hand polished blocks, each piece takes many hours to finish and the result is the patina of a studio tumbled sculpture.

The blocks tend to leave at least one surface to show the beauty of the wood in its natural state – the blocks in part, preserve the wood itself as a jewel and honor our beautiful trees in small specimens.  Made from various (sometimes endangered and exotic) hardwood off-cuts, painted and polished with care that nobody* would pay you for, the objects are smooth jewels of wood and vivid color that some might claim have metaphysical value.

– LEANING SQUARE with BALL (purpleheart wood) dimensions 2×2″ + ball
– SQUARE SANDWICH (natural orange wood + green glasso) 2x2x2″
– LEANING SQUARE  (purpleheart with Trompe-l’œil faceted corner) about 1.5″ cubed

see more of CP’s meaningful blocks at her site 

$ 140.00