C Price

FF Man Made Geometric Blocks

FF MMG’s flaunt an expensive paint job, using only man-made pigments, highly polished and applied by hand (not with spray equipment.) The finish-fetishism (FF) ends there, the geometries are all slightly leaning, crooked,  off just a hair – man-made.

Pyrrole Red (PR 254) – The red developed by the auto industry.
Pyrrole Vermilion (PR255) – That classic orange-red without the mercury.
Prussian Blue (PB 27) – This color is of significant importance in the art world as it is known to be the first man-made pigment.
Viridian Green (PG 18) – A very stable, powerful cold green. A bright bluish emerald green color of great permanence except for heat, as high temperatures turn it into the duller Chromium Green Oxide.
Mars Black (PBk 11) – The only non toxic black,  developed early in the 20th century
Titanium White (PW 6) – Invented in 1921. Before this white pigment was developed, people were dying, artists and makeup wearers… because of the use of toxic Lead white, aka, Flake White.
BTW – Did You know that, The name of the holy city of Memphis meant “White Walls.”? 
SIZE: These are medium blocks, ranging in size average of 4x4x4 (cube) or 4x4x8" (cube with ball) or similar volume.  
Larger sizes available by special order.

$ 220.00